Sep 12, 2013


We have reached our final destination, Copenhagen. The whole purpose of this trip was to attend our friends' wedding there. So the wedding was in the most gorgeous setting but I was so caught up in the beautiful moment, I barely took any photos on the special day! I will just have to wait for the lovely couple to share them with me. But here are some photos from my days in town and all the scrumptious meals.

Upon arrival we were received with an authentic Danish dinner feast. Best part of having local friends is all the food they feed you. You get to experience what the locals really eat and not just the touristy restaurants. Just to give you scale of how large these dishes are, below is a photo of it next to our faces. Delicious food in great atmosphere with fab friends. This has to be my favorite meal during the whole trip.  Hygge~

On the last day we finally got to try the oh-so Danish Smørrebrød, the open-faced sandwich at the Sankt Peder Værtshus. Rye bread is kind of addictive.

I love visiting supermarkets in new cities. Denmark's supermarket shopping baskets have little wheels on them so you can just pull them as you shop. Totally brilliant. All other countries need to get one of these!

Tomorrow will be my shopping day in Copenhagen 

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