May 25, 2011


FrancFranc is definitely my favorite place to shop in Japan. they have everything you need to spruce up any space.  I can spend hours at the store just looking at their products. only if they had FrancFranc in Singapore! 

heres some FrancFranc items from my home!

I learned from a former buyer of FrancFranc that it will be very difficult to open a Singapore branch for the lack of market and interest here. Japanese people, including myself, will spend extra money to get a 'cuter' product.  we do come from the land of Hello Kitty.  for example.... a bathroom mat, you can buy a very basic one for a good price, but i wouldn't mind spending much more if i can find a cool design in a color i like.  on the other hand, I think Singaporeans are much more practical and the cost will be a priority for many.  As a designer, I truly believe that surrounding yourself with creative/ well designed products as well as colors you like can really enhance your life, even if a tiny bit. I hope my blog can create some interest so one day  FrancFranc can branch out to Singapore!
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JCube said...


We came across your blog and found out you had previously blog about FrancFranc!

Your dreams come true! FrancFranc will be opening their first outlet in Singapore at JCube.

Do like our page at to find out more! =)


Ringo said...

Hi! Thank u for the message. I actually have a more recent post about Francfranc opening in Singapore here

And I'm on today's straits times article about Francfranc :)
Looking forward to visiting ur store!

rosemiza said...

hi..actually i'M interested see your product. if we want to do franchise or may be distribution at Malaysia how the procedure or to whom we want to contact


Saori Fukui said...

Hi Rose,
If you are referring to the products on this page, they belong to a Japanese brand called Francfranc.