Aug 30, 2011

scatter shelf

day 2 of my japan week.  The scatter shelf by the japanese design studio, nendo, "is composed of 5mm black acrylic shelves in a grid form, stacked in three layers and slightly displaced. The resulting shelving unit is not only structurally strong but creates a visual effect in which objects placed on the shelves appear as though caught in a spider’s web when viewed from the front."

"When viewed on an angle, the glossy acrylic face creates a series of reflections within the shelves, making the ‘opaque’ acrylic appear to be transparent. The diffused reflections caused by the surfaces’ shine and form also separates and scatters the view behind the shelving unit, creating a completely kaleidoscopic effect."

1 comment:

Lorraine Jacobs said...

That kinds of book shelve is really very cute and unique! I really must agree that it looks like the books are being trapped by the web. I wonder how much that shelf cost.