Aug 29, 2011

japan design traveller

i am going to have a japan week and post the latest finds from my home country for the next few days. starting off with a series of magazine that provides travel information for all 47 prefectures in japan from a design viewpoint. d design travel is a project by D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT launched in 2009.  it introduces one prefecture per issue, packed with information so you can be exposed to the best design each area has to offer.  so far they have published 5 issues and the 6th issue will be out on 5th september.

the requirements for places/items/ideas/experiences introduced in each issue are that they are: 
1. unique to that area
2. created/performed by a local
3. conveys a message or experience unique to the area
4. accessible 
5. creative 

wish every city in the world had one of these ;)

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