Jan 20, 2014

Weekend Love: Singapore Home Decor

Hi everyone, I'm back from my 2 week blog break! I spend most of my weekends and free time shopping for my new house. I discovered some great furniture and home accessories stores along the way which I feel are not the easiest thing to find in Singapore. So here are my three new favorite stores to I would like to recommend :)

Taylor B. is a rare gem in Singapore, well a giant gem. Its just exciting to be in their 120,000 over sq ft of warehouse style showroom, whether you like this style or not. It's like being on a treasure hunt in the sea of unique Asian flavor furniture and home accessories.

Verandah Living is a beautiful little store in Upper Bukit Timah. Perfect place to look for some special accessories.

Fred Lives Here at the Orchard Central is an eclectic collection of replica designer furniture and quirky home decors.  I bought my Plumen light bulbs here.

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