Nov 11, 2013

Weekend Love: Gillman Barracks

I visited the U Factory at the Gillman Barracks on Saturday, which is currently exhibiting the works of Japanese designer Shigeki Fujishiro titled Frames

It's so exciting to walk in to this room with levitating geometric frames spinning freely, creating an even more interest set of shadows. Then you realize the meticulous construction of it and how perfectly the frames are balanced on transparent strings. This is definitely an exhibition you have to experience in person. 

The birth of "mobile" appeared as part of a new art concept known as kinetic art. Artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder found ways to express both space and time enabled by motions. The frames I've designed are heavily influenced by their works adding more of a graphical touch. By applying transparent strings the frames look as if they are floating. Another feature is the spacial effect made by the shadows.

You have 1 week left to catch it in Singapore!

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