Sep 16, 2013

Weekend Love: Evernote food

Welcome back to a new week :) Here's something I do at the end of every weekend after delicious meals. Do you use the Evernote Food? It has to be the most efficient food app ever. It let's me keep a list of restaurants and cafes I want to visit as well as visited places to recommend. You can add your photos and notes to keep a food journal. It's powered by foursquare so it will recognize the place immediately and show you reviews and photos others have uploaded. All restaurants I added so far were on their list including small cafes in Europe!

I'm a fan of the Da Paolo Ristorante on Club Street but Gastronomia Da Paolo at Cluny Court is now my favorite lunch hangout :) Just stopped by on Sunday for a late lunch.  So I'm uploading this photo to my list.
I want to eat their Brussels sprouts everyday....

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