Aug 6, 2012

Farmer's Market

I just went to the Farmer's Market at Loewen Gardens in Dempsey over the weekend. The head chef of Pantry Cooking School there first organized this event after feeling frustrated over the quality of food offered at the supermarkets in Singapore. I couldn't agree more. This one is quite small for a farmer's market but it's still fun meeting people who are proud and passionate about the food they are selling.

My favorite part of the market was meeting Sift Cupcakes and its creator.   I was crazy over cupcake for years but I've really been turned off of it recently due to the lack any decent ones in Singapore. Trust me, I even have photos to prove that I visited many stores in search for that perfect red velvet.  Sift's cupcakes are actually the kind of cupcakes you will find in the states. Moist cake and the cream cheese frosting.  They're Ringology approved!!!

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