Sep 2, 2011

diy for the disaster victims

as the last post for my japan week, i want to present a website which introduces design ideas for disaster relief.  Olive is a website dedicated to delivering creative and useful ideas to the disaster victims to survive on what is available to them.  the long list of items reminds us that it's not just food and blankets they need to maintain their quality of life in this long term battle. the website helps to provide diy ideas for basic clothing and shelter, as well as items like skincare lotion made from bananas.

"The ideas and designs gathered by OLIVE are not only uploaded and shared via WEB, but have also linked up with dispatcher projects of aid delivery, and has begun to reach the disaster victims in print as well.

We pray that through OLIVE, we will be able to bring back even just a little more happiness and smiles to the Tohoku region."

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