Sep 30, 2011

create: bottle beautiful

i love this super easy diy project of turning old bottles and jars into beautiful vases. 

  1. Find that bottle or jar with a cute shape or detail.  Wash and take off all the labels with warm soapy water
  2. Pour paint into the bottle/jars and slowly rotate it around so the paint can coat all of the interior surface. Remove any excess paint.
  3. Let it dry overnight. 
  4. Decorate them with pretty flowers.  But do not fill bottle with water!! These are simply for decors and not to be used for eating or drinking.

there are many great examples online but i think my favorite is the one by kootut murut.


yuma coffee said...

Hi Ringo-chan, I'm COFFEE! I'd like to know, what's kind of paint did you use for this?

Ringo said...

Hi COFFEE!!! I have yet to try this myself. I think paint for glass will be the best choice but i also see many people using acrylic paint. either way you cannot fill the bottle with water after painting so i think i will go with the cheaper option.

yuma coffee said...

^^Thanks for sharing
I like your blog..cute&created, gg to be fan!! haha

Ringo said...

thank you! i'm so happy to hear that! if you 'like' my facebook page, you can get updates when i have a new post :)