Aug 15, 2011

yum: bistro soori

“Bistro Soori is the symbiosis of an enhanced gastronomic experience within a designed space. “

After seeing their website, I knew immediately that bistro soori is the perfect location for my birthday dinner with friends. It’s a small restaurant with sophisticated and stylish modern décor but it still holds a cosy ambiance. almost felt like a home dinner party. i was happy to receive great responses from my friends over the food.  it's only been two days but i'm already craving the lamb i had as the main course... and i'm definitely coming back to try their sunday brunch!

we all loved the desserts!

Bistro Soori
No. 2 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088385
T. +65 6438 3802

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

明明是fine dinning.但是装修真的不fine的感觉