Aug 3, 2011

sou sou

i just received a fun gift from my friends as an early bday present ;)  what i first thought was a towel unfolded into a fabric bag by sou-sou of kyoto, made with lotta love for japanese tradition. as they will tell you on their english website, "while modern and edgy, the brand is dedicated to preserving the best traditional techniques by using skilled craftspeople and time-tested materials."

the designs are all very simple, just very well crafted. the bag i got is a rectangular cloth folded and sewn at two points. you can tie the two ends together in many different ways. It’s also double layered with two very different designs so you can create many variations. it makes a great eco bag.  i think we can see from sou-sou that the best way to keep tradition alive is to reinterpret/transform it enough and keep it relevant to our modern lives.

even the packaging is playful with a mix of modern and tradition.

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