Jul 26, 2011

yum: bon gout

bon gout is officially my favorite japanese joint in all of singapore! ボンゴウ、さいこー!  from the outside what appears to be a used bookstore in the quiet corner of robertson quay is actually a restaurant serving food that will remind any japanese of their mom's cooking. ask the friendly owner, mr. kojima for recommendations and he will tell you about their signature dishes.  but honestly, everything is soo good. this is one case where i'm more in to the food even though the restaurant decor has a pretty cool concept.

all japanese books except a little sections for english.  there's a huge section for japanese comics too.  I was excited about the dozens of most up-to-date japanese women's magazines.   those cost soo much here, i think i'll just come back to bon gout every month and read it there ;)

karaage ... loove

Bon Gout
60 Robertson Quay
#01-01 The Quayside
(65) 6732-5234

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