Apr 3, 2012

Healthy food, happy life!

I ordered a big bowl of salad for lunch today and a Singaporean friend asked me if I'm on a diet.  Then it got me thinking... I'm actually anti-dieting and a strong believer that nothing can replace the happiness from food.  I'll eat anything at anytime of the day and I'm just lucky a salad is on my happy list.

I've never been the type to go out of the way for healthy food but I need to really start making a habit of cooking and eating healthy. It's a big commitment especially in a place like Singapore where the supermarket vegetable section looks pathetic and there are no Trader Joe's or Whole foods. I figured the only way I can do that is to have it presented to me the way I like it: Beautiful photos, styling, and color. 

So here are some awesome food blogs encouraging a healthy lifestyle through food.  Hope they can inspire you too!  Everything looks very appetizing and the recipes look manageable. I already feel a bit healthier from just looking at these amazing photos!

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