Dec 28, 2011

Countdown: Everything I want...

Just 3 posts left to go in the year 2011!  I think I will do a little countdown for the next 3 days to reflect on the creative products and moments of this year.  Today, it's the top 10 products I loved and wanted the most!!   (not all designed in 2011 but everything I came across this year)

1. I want to sit on this chair on a Sunday morning and drink my tea.

2. Maybe I'll enjoy doing the dishes.

3. I will make a little rock garden in my house

4. Locking in my 2011 memories

5. No need to hurt the animals 

6. I want all size and shapes

7. With these plates, my dining table will look so vibrant everyday 

8. I'm addicted to giant knits!! Who can make me one...

9.  Moroccan glasses in the most amazing colors

10.  Sway

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