Nov 1, 2011

Happy 1st Year!!!

So it's been exactly 1 year since I started this blog! yeei me!  I love it when I look back, and the 168 posts reflect, not just the creative side, but overall what my year has been about.   The biggest news for my year, hands down, is that I got engaged (and my wedding is just few days away!!)... so I posted plenty of ideas to encourage creative weddings as I searched for inspirations for my own wedding.

One of the things I enjoy on weekends is discovering the cute, creative and unique cafes or zakka shops in Singapore and introducing them here. Some of my favorites are arteastiq, yong siak street and many more...

I've think it's been made clear this past year that I'm a cupcake addict. I guess I'm a bit deprived living in singapore and not being able to find a delicious red velvet at every corner like when I lived in Los Angeles. but I can't believe I did so many cupcake related posts. haha. Definately more to come!

On a more serious note, my home country Japan, experienced a devastating earthquake and tsunami this year.  I happened to be in Tokyo myself and that earthquake is something I will always remember. I was inspired to learn through research for my blog that creativity can also take part in the disaster relief efforts.  

Last but not least, Ringology has been a huge part of my daily life.  As a way to enhance my blog, I look to other wonderful blogs and bloggers.

I love discovering new creative ideas and creative people out there who 'wow' me everyday.  and all the comments from the readers have been super encouraging.  Thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy the next year of Ringology!!  xo

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