Aug 8, 2011

jyugaoka shopping!

i never recommend tourists to visit jyugaoka even though its my favorite place in tokyo.  i grew up nearby so i know my way around the small alleys but i often see korean tourists looking completely lost while they turn their little map book up, down and sideways as if there's a secret code for unlocking the maze.  jyugaoka is an area in tokyo best known for zakka and sweets.  so its not hard to see why its my favorite. it's hard for newcomers because the shops are not located in a big mall but spread across the allys in close proximity of the station.  some shops are in the most random location with very little signage.   i have a few hours left before my flight back to singapore, so i went for a very quick visit to my favorite shops. first stop, popeye camera. this is just to look since i'm not much of a photographer.  they have everything cute thats camera related.

village vanguard is the most bizarre book shop.  its a bit hard to locate but once you do, you walk into a cave stuffed with the wierdest/funniest/coolest everything.

hotch potch has been my favorite shop since high school. 

if you love all this, head to jyugaoka... but make sure you check the map ;)

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