Jun 27, 2011

yum: riders cafe

did you know that the riders cafe is open from 8 am?!?! even on weekdays?!  just found out last week so i walked in on friday around 8:30 am. they still asked me if i had a reservation but we managed to get a seat without waiting. sure enough, the place was almost full by 9:30.  amazing.  i think its definitely better than coming on a weekend if you can stop by before work.


ilivetoeatfoodie said...

hi ringo,

sure looks yummy to whet my appetite.

i'm a foodie...& 'i live to eat' person.

may i know where is 'riders cafe' located?


Ringo said...

hi eddie. thanks for asking, i just realized i forgot to post the link to the restaurant. its located at the bukit timah saddle club. you can find details here! http://www.riderscafe.sg/

ilivetoeatfoodie said...

Thanks ringo.
Will make a trip there one day soon.

Btw, i wl b in bangkok fm 1st-5th aug. Coincidentally, read yr bkk trip posting.
Hmm, wonder whether able to locate those interesting places tat u mentioned...esp tat ice-cream joint.


Ringo said...

i think you'll be able to find iberry. saw it in a couple of different places including siam. have a great time in bangkok!