Nov 9, 2010

dinner for 2: KABOCHA

super easy recipe for a pumpkin gratin. great for parties!

kabocha gratin

Pumpkin - 1 (small)
Cream - about 100cc
salt n pepper

♥ Cut the top part of the pumpkin to open it up. Place on a plate, saran wrap and microwave. please adjust the time according to your microwave and size of the pumpkin.  about 10 min for a 15cm diameter pumpkin.  the inner part needs to soften...but not so much the shell will tear.

♥ Carve out the inner part out with a spoon and place in a bowl.  *be careful not to rip the pumpkin shell

♥ Slowly mix the cream in to the bowl with the pumpkin to create a paste. pour the cream in steps and adjust so it does not turn too soft.

♥ Pour the mix back in the pumpkin shell.

♥ Cover the top with cheese and bake until cheese is melted and golden brown.

* You can add veggies/ beacon/ minced meat in to the mix to make it even tastier.

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